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Our Company

Alinox - Balustrade is a company operating in the construction and trading of anodized aluminum in all types of applications, such as railings, gates, garage doors, awnings, pergolas, showers, folding fuses and curtain rods. We also have a wide variety of different and specialized profiles of each type and for many structures (series of frames, profiles for crystals wpc deck).


Staffed with experienced technicians and mechanics, Alinox - Balustrade has the ability to offer the best services to professionals and individuals at any stage of construction the customer wants. The objective of the company, following the successfull completion of large projects, was now to maintain the quality of our products and even raise it up a level, which we did albeit throught the difficult and special conditions of the Greek market. We are confident that by selcting to do business with our company, will generate profit for you or your customers.

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