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Here you can get an overview of all products manufactured by our company per category. You will see photos and especially for the professionals, there are directories that contain detailed profiles and all the accessories you will need.
Clamping Glass

A method of support brought to you by our own inspiration and innovation. With the specific profile and support that we created we have an aesthetically and technically perfect result which gives us the ability to have unrestricted views.

BFT Mechanisms

Alinox - Balustrade in cooperation with the colossus of automation, BFT, bering to the market mechanisms and many parts at great prices.


Folding anodized aluminium Fuses

Anodized folding fuses, the first of its type in the market, for flawless appearance, safety and accompanied with a lifetime warranty.


Curatian Rails

Rails of high aesthetics and great prices, exclusively from our own profiles and fittings.


Handrail accessories and profile

Here you will find our catalogues

WPC Decking

THE WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) produced from 30-45% HDPE (high density polyethylene) and 50-60% wood fibers. Its advantages are high density, durability, that remains clean, and is 100% recyclable. Ideal for outdoor use, resistant to corrosion, moisture and does not need painting.

Shower cabins

Shower cabins made of anodized aluminum profile

Folding iron fuses

Folding iron fuses in any desired RAL colour

Folding anodized aluminum fuses
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